How Wide Is a Typical Pickup Truck Bed?

The standard pickup truck bed size varies depending on the make and model. However, some measurements are more common than others.

The most popular size for a pickup truck bed is 6.5 feet (79 inches). This is the size of the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado, two of the most popular truck models on the market.

The next most common size is 8 feet (96 inches). This size can be found in the GMC Sierra and Toyota Tundra, as well as many other models.

A few manufacturers offer beds that are larger than 8 feet, such as the Ram 1500 with a bed length of 9.4 feet (112 inches).

In addition to length, width is also an important measurement for pickup truck beds. Generally speaking, a full-size pickup has a bed width of approximately 50 to 60 inches.

This measurement can vary depending on the make and model, however. For example, some models may have a wider or narrower bed than others.

Pickup trucks are also available in various cab sizes ranging from regular cab to extended cab and crew cab. The type of cab you choose will also affect the overall bed size since extended and crew cabs tend to have shorter beds due to their larger interior space.


In conclusion, the typical width of a pickup truck bed varies depending on make and model but typically falls between 50 to 60 inches wide with a length ranging from 6.5 feet (79 inches) to 9. Other factors such as cab size can also affect overall bed size.

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