How Wide Is the Truck Bed on a Toyota Tundra?

The Toyota Tundra is a powerful full-size pickup truck with a wide variety of features and options, including a large bed that offers plenty of storage capacity. The bed size of the Tundra depends on the trim level and cab style chosen.

The two-door regular cab Tundra has a long bed with an interior length of 78.7 inches, while the four-door Double Cab offers a shorter bed option with an interior length of 66.7 inches. The CrewMax cab style has the shortest bed size, at just 51.5 inches in length.

The width of the beds found on each version of the Toyota Tundra are quite similar, ranging from 66.4 inches for the Regular Cab to 66.5 inches for the Double Cab and CrewMax models. This gives drivers plenty of room to load bulky items and provides maximum storage space for items like furniture or work equipment.

Bed Size Options

The Toyota Tundra can be configured with a range of different beds, depending on trim level and cab size. For example, on certain trims such as TRD Pro or 1794 Edition, customers can select either a 6-foot 6-inch or an 8-foot long bed option. Meanwhile, other trims offer 5-foot 7-inch beds as well.

Towing Capacity

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a pickup truck is its towing capacity — and fortunately, the Toyota Tundra does not disappoint here either. Depending on engine choice and other factors, it can tow up to 10,200 pounds when properly equipped — making it one of the most capable pickups in its class.


The Toyota Tundra is an impressive full-size pickup truck that comes with several different bed sizes depending on trim level and cab style chosen — ranging from 51.5 inches in length for the CrewMax cab all the way up to 8 feet long for certain trims such as TRD Pro or 1794 Edition. Additionally, all versions offer similar widths at 66.4–66.5 inches wide — providing ample space for loading cargo or hauling equipment.

How Wide Is The Truck Bed On A Toyota Tundra?

The truck bed width on all versions of the Toyota Tundra ranges from 66 – 66 1/2 inches wide – providing plenty of space for loading cargo or hauling equipment.

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