Is a Honda Ridgeline a Pickup Truck?

The Honda Ridgeline is a unique vehicle in the pickup truck category. It is the only mid-size truck on the market that offers a unibody design, and it has some features that set it apart from other pickups.

Design: The Honda Ridgeline has a unibody design, which is different from traditional body-on-frame pickups. This means that the frame and body of the vehicle are integrated into one unit, rather than two separate units. This makes the Ridgeline lighter, more nimble, and more fuel efficient than traditional pickups.

Utility: While the Honda Ridgeline may not have as much towing capacity or payload capacity as other pickup trucks, it still offers plenty of utility for most drivers. It has an available bed extender that increases its bed size to eight feet, making it perfect for hauling larger items like furniture or camping gear. Additionally, it has an available in-bed trunk that provides secure storage space for tools and other items.

Comfort: The Honda Ridgeline also stands out when it comes to passenger comfort. It has an available dual-action tailgate that can open either like a traditional tailgate or swing out like a door for easier access to the bed area. Additionally, it has comfortable seating for up to five occupants and plenty of legroom in both rows of seating.

Conclusion: So is a Honda Ridgeline considered a pickup truck? The answer is yes – despite its unique unibody design and added comfort features, the Ridgeline still offers plenty of utility and hauling capabilities to make it an ideal choice for those looking for a mid-size truck option.

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Stephen Dunn