Is a Tow Truck Also Called a Wrecker?

A tow truck, also known as a wrecker, is a large vehicle used to transport disabled or illegally parked vehicles. The tow truck is typically equipped with a winch, which is used to move the vehicle onto the bed of the tow truck.

This makes it easier to transport the vehicle without having to manually drive it onto the bed.

Tow trucks are generally used by law enforcement and private companies to handle large-scale incidents involving vehicles. For example, when an accident occurs on a major highway, multiple tow trucks may be dispatched to help clear the scene. Additionally, when a car is illegally parked in a public area, police officers may call for a tow truck to remove the car from its location.

In addition to being used for transporting vehicles from one place to another, tow trucks can also be used for recovery services. This involves retrieving damaged or stranded vehicles from difficult locations such as ditches or steep embankments. In these cases, the winch can be used to pull the vehicle back up onto solid ground.

Tow trucks are also commonly used for moving heavy equipment around construction sites. The winch can be used to attach chains or cables to large pieces of equipment and then pull them onto trailers that can be towed by the truck.


A tow truck is also referred to as a wrecker and is an essential piece of machinery in many industries. It is primarily used by law enforcement and private companies for transporting disabled or illegally parked vehicles and providing recovery services for stranded vehicles. Additionally, they are often utilized in construction sites for moving heavy equipment around as well.

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