Is Blaze Monster Truck on Netflix?

Blaze and the Monster Machines is a popular animated television series that airs on Nickelodeon. It follows the adventures of Blaze, a monster truck, and his eight-year-old driver AJ, as they explore the world of Axle City.

Along with their friends Pickle, Starla, and Darington, Blaze and AJ use science and problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and save the day. The show has been praised for its positive portrayal of STEM topics such as engineering and technology.

The series has been nominated for several awards since its debut in 2014, including an Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program in 2018. It has also spawned a successful toy line, with merchandise based on all of the characters available in stores. There have also been five video games released on iOS and Android.

So Is Blaze Monster Truck On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Blaze and the Monster Machines is not currently streaming on Netflix. However fans can still watch episodes of the show on Nick Jr.’s website or app. The show is also available for purchase or rental through Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.


No, Blaze Monster Truck is not currently available on Netflix. However viewers can still watch episodes of the show through other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.

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