Is Double Decker a Real Monster Truck?

The Double Decker Monster Truck is an imposing sight to behold. It stands 8 feet tall and weighs over 7 tons.

It is equipped with two giant engines, each capable of producing up to 2,000 horsepower. With its rugged off-road capabilities, this monster truck can tackle any terrain with ease. But the question remains – is the Double Decker a real monster truck?

The answer depends on your definition of a monster truck. In the traditional sense, a monster truck is a vehicle that has been heavily modified for off-road use and features oversized tires and increased ground clearance. The Double Decker Monster Truck certainly meets these criteria, as it has been built with large stepped tires and suspension components that allow it to tackle terrain with ease.

However, some may consider the Double Decker to be more of an off-road vehicle than a true monster truck. This is because it does not feature the same level of modifications as other trucks in the same class – such as “high-stacked” shocks or extreme engine modifications – which are often found on traditional monster trucks.


In conclusion, whether or not the Double Decker Monster Truck is considered a “real” monster truck depends on one’s definition of what constitutes a true monster truck. While it may not feature all the traditional modifications found on other trucks in its class, it still offers impressive off-road capabilities that make it an impressive vehicle in its own right.

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James Gardner