Is It Illegal to Ride in the Bed of a Truck in Wisconsin?

Riding in the bed of a truck is illegal in Wisconsin. This applies to all types of trucks, including pickup trucks, flatbeds, and other commercial vehicles. This law also applies to passengers riding in the truck bed, as well as those driving the vehicle.

The reason for this law is due to the lack of safety for those riding in the truck bed. If a sudden stop or an accident occurs, there is nothing to protect those riding in the back from being thrown out. Such an injury could be deadly.

There are some exceptions to this law, however. If you are at least sixteen years old and you are wearing a securely fastened seatbelt, then you may ride in the bed of a pickup truck. Furthermore, if you are over eighteen and you ride in a commercial vehicle with sides that extend up at least twenty-six inches above the floor of the bed, then you may also ride without breaking any laws.

It is important to note that even if you meet these requirements and exceptions, it is still not advisable or recommended to ride in the back of a vehicle. It remains dangerous and it is not worth risking your safety just because it is allowed.


In short, it is illegal to ride in the bed of a truck in Wisconsin unless there are certain exceptions met by an individual over sixteen years old such as wearing a securely fastened seatbelt. Even when these exceptions have been met, it remains dangerous and not recommended by authorities.

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