Is It Legal to Ride in the Back of a Pickup Truck in Illinois?

Traveling in the back of a pickup truck is a common sight in many parts of the country. It’s not just kids who can be seen riding along, either; adults often hop in and out of the bed for everything from a quick errand to a long road trip with friends.

However, this seemingly harmless activity may not be legal in your state. In Illinois, it is illegal for any person to ride in the bed of a truck, although there are some exceptions.

The law prohibits anyone from riding in the back of a truck unless they are secured by safety belts and/or other approved safety devices. Furthermore, there must be sufficient space between the rider and any part of the truck that could cause injury if it were to move or shift suddenly. If these conditions cannot be met, then the rider must remain inside the cab.

The law also prohibits any person under 18 years old from riding in an unenclosed bed or cargo area of any motor vehicle regardless of whether they are secured by safety devices or not. This includes pickup trucks as well as open-bed trailers and other vehicles.


There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, farm workers who ride in pickups while performing their duties are exempt from this law.

Additionally, passengers may ride without being secured by safety devices if the vehicle is traveling at speeds below 15 miles per hour and is going no more than ¼ mile from its point of origin.


Violating this law can result in serious penalties including fines up to $250 and up to 10 days in jail for each offense. In addition, those convicted may have their license suspended for up to 6 months.


In short, it is illegal to ride in the back of a pickup truck in Illinois unless all safety requirements are met and passengers under 18 years old remain inside the cab. Those found violating this law can face severe penalties so it’s important to make sure you’re aware of your state’s laws before getting behind the wheel.


In conclusion, it is illegal to ride in the back of a pickup truck in Illinois without fulfilling certain safety requirements or if someone under 18 years old is present. Those caught violating this law can face hefty fines and jail time so drivers should make sure they know their state’s laws before hopping into their vehicles.

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