Is Monster Mutt Husky a Real Monster Jam Truck?

Monster Mutt Husky is one of the most popular Monster Jam trucks that has been around for several years. It is a fan favorite and often seen at Monster Jam events all over the world.

But what exactly is Monster Mutt Husky? Is it a real monster truck?

Monster Mutt Husky is a unique machine, sporting a husky-like design and four-wheel drive. The truck is based on an old-school short course racing truck with a powerful engine, custom shocks and suspension, oversized tires and LED lights. This monster machine can reach speeds of up to 70 mph and has been known to perform some of the most daring stunts in all of Monster Jam history.

While Monster Mutt Husky may not be as well-known or popular as some of the other Monster Jam trucks, it does have its own fan base. The fans are extremely dedicated to their beloved truck and often come out to support it in events throughout the year. They also proudly display their love for the truck by wearing merchandise from its official line.

Despite all this, there are still some skeptics who question whether or not Monster Mutt Husky is actually a real monster truck. After all, it doesn’t have an official license from the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), which governs many other monster trucks in the circuit.

The answer to this question lies in the way that Monster Mutt Husky operates. The truck is owned by its own parent company, which designs and manufactures all of its parts itself.

This means that while it may not be officially certified by IHRA, it does still meet all safety regulations set forth by them. As such, it can legally compete in events as long as it adheres to these rules.


So while Monster Mutt Husky may not have an official license from IHRA like some other monster trucks do, it is still considered a real monster jam truck due to its adherence to safety regulations set forth by IHRA. It has become an iconic vehicle within the sport thanks to its unique design and performances at events worldwide.

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