Is Sparkle Smash a Real Monster Truck?

Many people are curious about the monster truck “Sparkle Smash” and whether or not it is a real monster truck. The answer is yes, Sparkle Smash is a real monster truck – but it doesn’t compete in the traditional Monster Jam circuit. Instead, Sparkle Smash competes in a series of exhibition events called “Monster Truck Freestyle,” which is a form of competitive entertainment involving free-style stunts and jumps.

Sparkle Smash was created in 2018 as part of a collaboration between Monster Jam and the video game franchise “Crash Bandicoot.” It was designed to look like the titular character from the game series and is driven by professional monster truck driver Colton Eichelberger. The colorful design of Sparkle Smash stands out among other Monster Jam trucks and has become an instant fan favorite due to its unique look and impressive stunts.

Unlike traditional Monster Jam trucks, Sparkle Smash does not compete in racing events or obstacle course challenges. Instead, Sparkle Smash specializes in freestyle performances that involve big air jumps, wheelies, donuts, and other tricks often performed to music. These performances often take place at halftime shows during larger Monster Jam events as well as at standalone exhibitions around the country.

The popularity of Sparkle Smash has grown rapidly since its introduction in 2018 due to its eye-catching design and exciting stunts. It continues to be a crowd favorite at all its exhibitions around the world and is sure to be around for years to come.

In conclusion, Sparkle Smash is indeed a real monster truck that participates in Freestyle competitions instead of traditional races or obstacle course challenges. It has become an instant fan favorite due to its unique design and thrilling stunts, and will likely remain popular for many years to come.

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