Is Sriracha Monster Truck Real?

Is Sriracha Monster Truck Real?

The Sriracha Monster Truck is a unique concept that has been gaining traction in recent years. The idea is that the truck is a giant replica of the famous hot sauce bottle complete with its recognizable green cap and the words “Sriracha” written on it. While some people may be skeptical about its authenticity, there are no doubts that this truck exists and is an impressive sight to behold.

The Sriracha Monster Truck was created by a man named Tim Meeks, who wanted to help promote the popular hot sauce brand and bring attention to it. To do this, he designed and built a life-size replica of the bottle using steel tubing, fiberglass, and other materials.

He then had it painted with a bright red paint job and added custom-made decals to it featuring the iconic rooster logo and name of the sauce. The truck also features LED lights on the outside to give it an extra shine at night.

In addition to its eye-catching looks, the Sriracha Monster Truck also features some impressive features under the hood as well. It runs on diesel fuel, has four-wheel drive capability, and can reach speeds up to 55 mph (90 km/h). It’s also equipped with several air horns so drivers can make their presence known when they drive by.

The Sriracha Monster Truck has become an instant hit since its debut in 2014. It has been seen at many events across the United States including fairs, festivals, and car shows where it usually draws large crowds of people eager to take pictures with it or just admire its unique design from afar. Its fame even extends across international borders; it was featured in a Japanese television show in 2015 where viewers could watch as Tim Meeks drove it around Tokyo’s Shibuya district while showing off its various features.

Overall, there’s no doubt that the Sriracha Monster Truck is an impressive vehicle with both form and function that will surely turn heads wherever it goes. As for whether or not it’s real – there’s no doubt about that either!


Yes, Sriracha Monster Truck is real! Created by Tim Meeks in 2014 as a way to promote his favorite hot sauce brand, this life-size replica of a bottle has gained worldwide fame for its innovative design and impressive features both inside and out. Whether you’re looking for something fun to take pictures with or just want to marvel at its unique appearance – you can rest assured knowing that this monster truck is definitely real!

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