Is Steer Clear a Real Monster Truck?

Steer Clear is a monster truck that has been making its way around the country in recent years. It is one of the most popular trucks on the Monster Truck circuit and its popularity has been growing steadily since it first debuted in 2009. The truck’s name comes from its aggressive driving style, which emphasizes torque and power to get through obstacles and over jumps.

The Steer Clear truck is driven by professional monster truck driver El Toro Loco and crew chief Brian Lyttle. The team has won several awards for their performance, including the Monster Jam World Finals in 2011. They have also made appearances on television shows such as Monster Jam: Unleashed and Monster Jam Freestyle Championship Series.

The Steer Clear monster truck is quite impressive to behold, with a massive body made of steel and an 800-horsepower engine that can take it up to speeds of over 120 miles per hour. It stands over 11 feet tall and weighs nearly 11 tons, making it one of the largest trucks in the sport. It features massive tires, custom suspension, and a roll cage for safety.

The team behind the Steer Clear truck have worked hard to make sure it is one of the best trucks on the track. They are constantly tweaking the design to make sure it performs optimally in every event they compete in. They have also worked hard to keep it reliable so that they can compete without any issues or delays.

So is Steer Clear a real monster truck? The answer is yes!

The Steer Clear monster truck is one of the most impressive trucks on the circuit today and has earned its place as a fan favorite with its impressive looks and powerful performance.


Steer Clear is definitely a real monster truck that offers both an impressive look and powerful performance on the track. This makes it one of the most popular trucks on the circuit today, as fans appreciate its aggressive driving style and attention to detail when it comes to design tweaks for optimal performance.

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