Is Subaru Planning a Pickup Truck?

Subaru has had a strong fan following for its commitment to all-wheel drive, reliable vehicles, and in recent years, its crossover and SUV offerings. The company is now reportedly looking into the possibility of a pickup truck in its lineup.

Rumor has it that Subaru could be building a “tough-looking” pickup truck based on the Forester SUV. This news comes from a report by Automotive News Japan, which claims the vehicle will be powered by a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine and will have all-wheel drive as standard.

The same report also suggests that the pickup truck could be ready for production by 2021 and will have an exclusive body style with rugged design cues inspired by the popular Outback wagon.

This isn’t the first time Subaru has explored the possibility of a pickup truck; back in 2002, the company unveiled a concept called the Baja that was based on the Legacy platform but with a bed at the rear of the vehicle. The concept was well received but it never made it to production.

Subaru is also no stranger to commercial vehicles; in fact, they have been producing light-duty vans since 1966 under their Sumo nameplate. However, these vehicles are only sold in Japan and are not available in other markets.


Based on reports from Automotive News Japan, it is clear that Subaru is planning to build a pickup truck with all-wheel drive capabilities and unique design cues inspired by its popular Outback wagon. Although this isn’t Subaru’s first attempt at building a pickup truck, this time around they seem more serious about bringing one to market. Whether or not this pickup truck will make it to production remains to be seen but if it does happen then it could be an exciting addition to Subaru’s lineup.

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