Is the Bigfoot Monster Truck Retired?

The Bigfoot Monster Truck is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world. It has been the staple of monster truck shows for over four decades and has become an integral part of motorsport entertainment. But recently, there have been rumors that Bigfoot might be retired from performing.

The Bigfoot Monster Truck was first introduced in 1974 and quickly became a sensation in the racing world. The truck was powered by a massive V8 engine and had a unique design that made it stand out from its competitors.

It was capable of going over any terrain and could even be seen doing flips and jumps. It quickly became a fan favorite, with people lining up to get a glimpse of this monster machine in action.

In recent years, however, Bigfoot has started to show signs of aging. The truck is still capable of performing stunts, but its performance has started to decline due to its age. In addition, newer models have been released that are more powerful and capable of doing more daring stunts than the original Bigfoot Monster Trucks.

This has led some fans to speculate that Bigfoot might be retired from performing at monster truck shows. This speculation was further fueled when it was announced that the original driver, Bob Chandler, would no longer be driving the truck in competitions due to his age.

However, it seems that speculation about Bigfoot’s retirement is premature as the company behind it, Monster Trucks Unlimited, are adamant that they will continue to use the truck for events around the world. In fact, they recently released a new model with updated technology which they claim is capable of performing even more daring stunts than ever before.


So while there have been rumors about Bigfoot Monster Truck’s retirement from performing at monster truck shows, it does not appear that these rumors are true. The company behind the vehicle is still actively using it for events around the world and has even released a new model with updated technology which promises an even better performance than ever before.

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