Is There a Ford Mustang Pickup Truck?

The Ford Mustang has been an iconic sports car in the American automotive landscape since its introduction in 1964. The Mustang has a long and storied history of success, and is currently the best-selling sports car in the United States. But, is there a Ford Mustang pickup truck?

The answer to that question is: not yet. There have been rumors and speculation about a Ford Mustang pickup truck for years, but nothing has come of it.

Ford has never officially confirmed or denied the existence of such a vehicle. The closest thing to a Mustang pickup truck was the Shelby Series 1 from 1998-1999, which was based on the first-generation Mustang and featured a pickup bed.

Despite this, there is still plenty of hope for fans of the Mustang who are looking for something with more utility than just two seats and a trunk. After all, pickups are immensely popular these days, and Ford would surely benefit from having another model in its lineup. In addition, there have been several concept designs created by automotive designers that show what a potential Mustang pickup truck could look like.

One of these concepts is called the “Ford Bronco R” by designer JT Nesbitt. It takes cues from both the original first-generation Bronco as well as modern Mustangs, combining them into one stylish package with an extended cab and short bed.

Another example is designer Michal Galek’s “Ford F-150 RTR” concept. This concept imagines an F-150 body style combined with modern Mustang styling cues like blacked out wheels and grille treatment.

Conclusion: While there may not be an official Ford Mustang pickup truck on sale right now, there are plenty of exciting concept designs that show what one could look like if it ever came to fruition. If or when that happens remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – fans of the iconic pony car would be thrilled to see it as part of their lineup.

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