Is There a Godzilla Monster Truck?

The concept of a Godzilla-themed monster truck has been around for years, but it wasn’t until recently that the idea became a reality. The first official Godzilla monster truck was unveiled at the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals, and it quickly gained popularity among fans of the iconic movie monster.

The original design for the Godzilla monster truck was created by artist Kris Gordan, who worked with Monster Jam to bring the vision to life. The truck is based on the classic design of Godzilla from the original 1954 film, with some modern touches added in.

The body of the truck is made from lightweight aluminum and features an iconic green paint job complete with flames and scales. It also includes a giant mouth filled with sharp teeth that can be opened and closed, as well as two large eyes that light up when activated.

The Godzilla monster truck is powered by a custom 800 horsepower engine and can reach speeds of up to 70 mph on dirt tracks. It also features a unique suspension system that allows it to perform stunts such as wheelies, jumps, and spins. The truck also includes several other features such as LED lights, an onboard sound system, and special effects such as smoke machines and fire cannons.

The Godzilla monster truck has become an instant hit among fans who love both monster trucks and Godzilla movies alike. It’s not only a great way for fans to enjoy their favorite movie monster in real life, but it’s also an exciting way for them to get involved in the world of monster trucks. This unique combination of entertainment makes it one of the most popular Monster Jam vehicles ever created.

So there you have it – Is There A Godzilla Monster Truck? Yes indeed there is!

With its unique design, powerful engine, impressive stunts, and awesome special effects this vehicle has become an instant fan favorite amongst those who love both Monster Jam and Godzilla movies alike.


In conclusion, yes there is indeed a Godzilla-themed monster truck! The unique design combines elements from both Monster Jam vehicles and classic movie monsters to create an exciting vehicle capable of performing stunts and creating special effects that are sure to wow any fan of either genre.

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