Is There a Tow Truck in GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of the most popular video games of all time and is known for its open world and highly detailed game play. Players can explore the fictional city of Los Santos, as well as venture into the countryside.

GTA V has a variety of vehicles that can be used for transportation, including cars, boats, planes, helicopters, and even motorcycles. One vehicle that is missing from the game though is a tow truck.

Tow trucks are an important part of any city or town in real life. They are used to clear streets of disabled or abandoned vehicles so that traffic can flow freely.

In GTA V, however, there are no tow trucks available to players. This means that if a car becomes disabled or abandoned on the streets of Los Santos, it will remain there until it despawns or until another player destroys it.

The lack of a tow truck in GTA V is disappointing for some players who would like to have more realism in their game play. If a tow truck was included it could add another level of interaction between players and the environment. For example, if a car was blocking an intersection then other players could call a tow truck to come and remove it.

Despite not having a tow truck in GTA V, there are still ways for players to remove disabled or abandoned cars from the streets. Players can call Lester’s “Car Removal” service which will remove any vehicle from wherever it is parked or spawned at no cost. There are also mods available which add custom tow trucks into the game but these are not official features.


Is there a tow truck in GTA V? Unfortunately not, but there are ways for players to remove disabled or abandoned vehicles from the streets using Lester’s “Car Removal” service or by downloading mods which add custom tow trucks into the game.

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