Is Toyota Going to Make a Small Pickup Truck?

Toyota is one of the most popular and successful automakers in the world. It has a long history of producing reliable and dependable vehicles, and its pickup truck lineup is no exception.

But in recent years, Toyota has been focused on producing larger trucks, leaving many wondering if the company will ever make a smaller pickup truck.

The answer to this question is complicated. While Toyota has not announced any plans to make a small pickup truck, it’s not completely out of the question.

In fact, Toyota has released smaller pickups in the past. The Hilux was a popular model that was sold in Europe and other international markets from 1968-1995. It was similar in size to today’s mid-size trucks like the Chevy Colorado or Nissan Frontier.

Toyota also produced another small pickup called the T100 from 1993-1998. This truck was slightly larger than the Hilux but still much smaller than Toyota’s modern full-size pickups like the Tacoma or Tundra. It was discontinued due to slow sales, but it does prove that Toyota has had success with smaller pickups in the past.

There have been rumors recently that Toyota is planning to develop a new small pickup truck for international markets, although nothing has been confirmed yet. With increasing demand for midsize and compact pickups in North America, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Toyota enter this segment once again.


Overall, it appears that Toyota could potentially make a small pickup truck again if there is enough demand for it. While there have been no official announcements yet, it seems likely that we could see such a vehicle sometime in the future.

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