Is Traxxas Coming Out With a New RC Car?

The rumors are flying about a new RC car from Traxxas. The popular remote control car manufacturer has been on the forefront of the hobby for years and is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of RC technology. It’s no surprise that they have their sights set on releasing a new model, but what does this have in store for the hobby?

The most likely candidate for a new Traxxas car is a brushless electric model. This would bring Traxxas up-to-date with the latest in RC technology, and it would also enable them to create cars that are faster, more powerful, and more efficient than ever before.

This would be great news for racers, as well as bashers who just want to have fun.

Another possibility is that Traxxas may be looking to release an off-road vehicle. This could be a great addition to their lineup, as it would open up a whole new realm of possibilities for Traxxas fans who want to take their cars off-road. If this were the case, we could expect some exciting features such as waterproof electronics and components, adjustable suspension settings, and even adjustable drivetrain configurations.

One thing is certain: whatever Traxxas ends up releasing will be highly anticipated by the RC community. The company has built its reputation on creating innovative products that are both durable and fun to drive. Whatever they decide to do next will surely capture the imagination of RC fans everywhere.


Is Traxxas coming out with a new RC car? It looks like it could be either an electric brushless model or an off-road vehicle – either way, it’s sure to be something special! No matter what they choose, it’s sure to make waves in the RC community when it finally arrives!

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