Is VW Making a Pickup Truck?

Volkswagen AG, the world’s second largest automaker, is said to be developing a pickup truck for its U.S. buyers. The pick-up truck is rumored to be based on the Atlas SUV platform and will be part of Volkswagen’s lineup in 2024.

The new pickup is expected to feature a unibody construction that will give it a more car-like ride than traditional body-on-frame trucks. It may also feature a hybrid powertrain option and have a raised suspension package for better off-road performance.

Volkswagen has been quiet about the project so far, but reports suggest that the pickup will have an exterior design inspired by their current models. It’s also possible that they could use the same turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the Atlas SUV.

The move comes at an interesting time for Volkswagen as they look to expand their product range in order to compete more effectively with other automakers in the U. market. A pickup would give VW an entry into a segment of the market where they are currently not represented, and could prove to be a great addition to their lineup.

It would also put them in direct competition with Ford, GMC, and Ram who all have established pickups in their lineups. This could potentially bring some much needed competition into this market segment and shake things up for consumers looking for a new truck.


It remains unclear if Volkswagen will actually enter this market with their own pickup truck, but it does appear that they are serious about exploring this option. If so, it could give them a much needed boost in the U., and bring some much needed competition into this segment of the automotive industry.

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