Should I Get a Hard or Soft Truck Bed Cover?

When shopping for a truck bed cover, you’re likely to come across two primary options: hard and soft covers. Each of these types of covers come with unique advantages and drawbacks. To determine whether a hard or soft cover is best for you, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Hard Truck Bed Covers

Hard covers, also known as tonneau covers, are constructed from sturdy materials like fiberglass or aluminum. They offer superior protection from the elements and security against theft.

Many hard covers feature a lockable design that allows you to keep your cargo safe and secure when you’re away from your vehicle. Hard covers also have a sleek appearance and provide aerodynamic benefits that can improve fuel economy.

Soft Truck Bed Covers

Soft covers are typically constructed from vinyl-coated fabrics that are durable yet lightweight. This makes them easier to install than hard covers, as they don’t require drilling into the truck bed for mounting hardware.

Soft covers are also relatively inexpensive compared to their hard counterparts, making them an attractive choice if budget is a concern. In addition, they can be easily retracted or removed when more cargo space is needed.


When deciding between a hard or soft truck bed cover, it ultimately comes down to individual preference and budget constraints. Hard covers provide greater security against theft and weather damage while offering improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. Soft covers offer convenience with easy installation and removal while providing an affordable option.

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