Was DMX in the Casket on the Monster Truck?

The recent death of iconic rapper DMX has left fans across the world mourning his passing. DMX was an influential artist with a long and successful career, and his death has been felt deeply by many.

In the wake of his death, many fans have been wondering if DMX was in a casket on the Monster Truck that drove through New York City in his honor.

A Monster Truck parade had been organized by fans to honor DMX and it took place on April 24th in Brooklyn, New York. A black hearse with a casket on it was at the front of the parade, and many speculated that it contained DMX’s body.

This sparked rumors that DMX was actually in the casket during the parade, but there is no definitive evidence to confirm this.

The fact that DMX was not buried until several days after the parade suggests that he wasn’t in the casket at all. This is supported by pictures taken during the parade which don’t show any signs of a body inside the casket. It is also possible that even if he had been in there, he would have been removed before burial due to health regulations.

It is also important to note that while some fans may have wanted to honor DMX by having him be part of this tribute parade, it is highly unlikely as this kind of procession would not have been allowed by health officials due to safety concerns.


In conclusion, there is no definitive proof that DMX was in a casket on the Monster Truck during his tribute parade in Brooklyn, New York. The fact that he wasn’t buried until several days after the event further supports this theory. While some may have wanted him to be part of this tribute, it is highly unlikely due to safety regulations.

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