What Are the Holes in a Truck Bed Rail Called?

Truck bed rails are an essential component of a pickup truck, providing a sturdy and secure platform for carrying cargo. The railings have holes in them which can be used to attach tie-down straps and other accessories. These holes are called stake pockets, and they are an important feature of any truck bed rail system.

Stake pockets are typically found along the sides of the truck bed, usually near the corners. They are usually made of metal and may be riveted or welded onto the railings.

The pockets provide a secure point for attaching straps or other accessories that can then be used to secure cargo in the bed. The pockets also provide easy access for cleaning out debris from inside the bed.

Stake pockets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of tie-down straps. Some trucks may have more than one type of pocket, such as a large pocket for heavy-duty straps and a small pocket for lighter straps. Additionally, some trucks will feature recessed stake pockets which allow for flush mounting of accessories.

In addition to providing a secure point for tying down cargo, stake pockets can also be used as anchor points when installing other components in the bed such as toolboxes or ladder racks. This allows you to securely mount these items without having to drill into the bed itself.


The holes found in truck bed rails are known as stake pockets and they provide an essential function by allowing you to securely tie down cargo or install other components in the truck bed. Stake pockets come in various shapes and sizes depending on what type of accessory is being attached, but all serve the same purpose – providing a secure anchor point for your cargo or components.

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