What Are the Holes in a Truck Bed?

Holes in a truck bed provide multiple functions. They can be used to secure a load or create a custom mounting point. Holes are also commonly used to install truck bed accessories such as tie-downs, lights, and tool boxes.

Types of Holes

The most common type of hole found in a truck bed is the stake pocket hole. Stake pockets are typically located on the outside rail of the truck bed and feature two small holes inside for securing items with bolts or screws. Other types of holes include D-ring tie-downs, which are larger than stake pocket holes, and bed rail holes, which are used to mount accessories such as tool boxes and fuel tanks.

Creating Holes

Creating new holes in your truck bed is not recommended unless done by an experienced professional. Holes should be drilled using the proper size bit for the application to ensure that your load is properly secured and that no damage is done to your truck bed.

Additionally, any metal shavings created by drilling should be removed to prevent corrosion. If you do decide to drill holes in your truck bed, make sure you use rust-resistant hardware when mounting items.

Bed Liners

A spray-in or drop-in bed liner can be installed over existing holes in a truck bed without damaging them or creating additional noise or vibration while driving. This is an ideal solution for those who need to secure loads but don’t want to drill additional holes in their vehicle’s body paneling or paint finish. Additionally, these liners provide extra protection against scratches and dents while hauling cargo in your truck bed.


Holes in a truck bed provide multiple functions for securing loads and mounting accessories. The most common type of hole found in a truck is the stake pocket hole, however there are other types such as D-ring tie downs and bed rail holes as well. Creating new holes should only be done by an experienced professional, however spray-in or drop-in liners can offer protection without causing any additional damage to existing holes.

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