What Are the Hooks in a Truck Bed Called?

If you own a pickup truck, you know that a truck bed is essential for hauling large items. To secure the items in the bed, most trucks have hooks that are typically located at the top of the bed sides. These hooks are often referred to as tie-down hooks and come in many sizes and styles.

When shopping for tie-down hooks, you’ll find several different types available. Some hooks are made of metal and attach to the bed with bolts or screws.

Others may be plastic and clip onto the side of the bed railings. The type of material used to make these hooks will depend on your specific needs.

Tie-down hooks come in various sizes and can be used for a variety of applications, such as securing a tarp over your cargo or tying down an ATV or snowmobile to your truck bed. They are also commonly used for camping trips to secure tents and other supplies.

No matter what type of tie-down hook you choose, it’s important to make sure that it is rated for your specific weight requirements. If you plan on hauling heavy loads, you’ll need a hook that is rated for heavier weights than if you were just using it to secure light items. This will ensure that your cargo is safe and secure while being transported.

The best way to determine which type of tie-down hook is right for your needs is to consult with an expert at a hardware store or auto parts store who can provide advice on which type will work best for your vehicle.


In conclusion, tie-down hooks are an essential part of any pickup truck owner’s arsenal, enabling them to securely transport heavy loads without fear of them becoming damaged or lost during transit. When shopping for tie-down hooks, it’s important to consider the weight requirements required by your specific application before making a purchase. With proper research and advice from experts, you can find the perfect hook for your needs so that you can confidently transport whatever load comes your way.

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