What Are the Lights Above the Truck Bed Called?

Trucks are incredibly useful for a variety of purposes. They are used for transportation, freight, and work around the home.

One particular feature of trucks that can be especially helpful is the lights above the truck bed. These lights are often referred to as “roof-mounted work lamps” or “truck cab lights.” They provide extra illumination when working in dark areas and can be especially helpful when hauling large items in the bed of a truck.

Truck cab lights are typically mounted on the roof of the cab, just above the truck bed. This allows them to provide light to both sides of the bed as well as providing rear illumination when needed.

These types of lights often use LED bulbs which provide brighter and more consistent light with less power consumption than traditional halogen bulbs. The LED bulbs also last much longer than halogen bulbs so they require less maintenance over time.

Truck cab lights come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit most any vehicle. There are both round and rectangular models available that can fit either single or dual headlight designs.

The size of these lights varies from small, 3-inch sizes all the way up to larger 6-inch sizes depending on your needs. Some models also feature adjustable brackets that allow you to move them up or down for better lighting angles.

Truck cab lights can be an invaluable tool for those working in dark locations or who need additional lighting for hauling large items in their truck beds. They provide bright, consistent light with minimal power consumption and require minimal maintenance over time.


In conclusion, truck cab lights are an incredibly useful addition to any vehicle and can provide extra lighting when needed while hauling large items in a truck bed. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to fit any budget or need. So if you’re looking for extra illumination while working in dark areas or hauling cargo, then look no further than truck cab lights – what are commonly referred to as “roof-mounted work lamps”.

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