What Are the Lights on Top of a Tow Truck Called?

Tow trucks, also known as wreckers, are vehicles used to transport disabled vehicles from one location to another. The tow truck is equipped with a variety of features that make it a highly versatile tool.

One of the most visible features on the tow truck is the lights mounted on its roof. These lights are known as “tow truck lights” and serve a variety of purposes.

Tow truck lights are designed to be highly visible both day and night, making them an effective safety feature for both the tow truck and other drivers on the road. During the day, they help other drivers identify the tow truck and give them advance warning of its presence. At night, they provide visibility for the tow truck operator and ensure that other drivers can see them from a distance.

Tow truck lights come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of these include beacon lights, light bars, strobes, and LED lights. Beacon lights are usually large yellow or orange globes that are mounted on top of a tower’s cab or boom.

Light bars are typically long strips of bright LED bulbs that run along the top edge of the cab or boom. Strobe lights consist of multiple small flashing bulbs that create a strobing effect when illuminated. Finally, LED lights are typically small individual bulbs that can be programmed to flash in various patterns.

All types of tow truck lights provide enhanced visibility for both operators and other drivers alike. This helps reduce accidents by making it easier for operators to see obstacles in their path during nighttime operations and for other drivers to recognize the presence of a tow truck nearby.


In conclusion, tow trucks have several features which make them highly useful tools when transporting disabled vehicles from one place to another. One such feature is the presence of “tow truck lights” which come in various shapes, sizes and types such as beacon lights, light bars, strobes and LED’s to maximize visibility during operations both day and night thus helping reduce accidents on roads due to increased awareness amongst operators as well as other drivers.

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