What Are the Parts of a RC Car?

Remote Control (RC) cars are one of the most popular toys for children and adults alike. They are a great way to have fun and socialize with others, as well as providing plenty of excitement and entertainment. But what exactly makes up an RC car?

The first part of a RC car is the chassis. This is the main body of the car, and it is typically made out of plastic or metal. It will have a motor mounted on it, as well as wheels, axles, suspension system, steering system and other components that make up the overall design.

The second part is the controller. This is usually a hand-held device that sends signals to the car’s motor. The controller will usually have buttons or switches to control speed, direction, acceleration and other aspects of driving.

The third part is the power source. This can be either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. An internal combustion engine runs on gasoline or other fuel sources, while an electric motor runs on batteries or other forms of electrical power.

The fourth part is the radio receiver. This is the device that receives signals from the controller and sends them to the car’s motor in order to control its movement.


A Remote Control (RC) Car consists of four main parts: chassis, controller, power source and radio receiver. All these parts work together to create an exciting experience for those who use them.

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