What Are the Spikes on a Semi Truck?

Semi trucks are an important part of the transportation industry, and they are built to last. The design of these large vehicles has been perfected over many years, and they come with a variety of features that make them more efficient and safer on the road. One of these features is the spikes that can be found on some semi trucks.

The spikes on a semi truck are designed for traction. They help provide the truck with extra grip when it is pulling or pushing heavy loads.

The spikes, which can be made of metal or rubber, are mounted on the tires to increase their contact with the road surface. This helps prevent them from slipping and sliding, which can lead to accidents.

In addition to providing extra traction, spikes can also help protect the tires from damage. The spikes provide a buffer between the tire and any sharp objects that may be in its path, such as rocks or other debris. This prevents punctures, which can be costly to repair.

Spikes can also improve a truck’s fuel economy. By providing better traction, they help reduce slippage and reduce drag on the engine. This results in less fuel being used by the vehicle, which can result in significant savings for trucking companies.


Spikes are an important feature of semi trucks that provide extra traction for heavier loads and improved fuel economy. They also protect tires from punctures caused by sharp objects on the road surface. Ultimately, spikes help keep semi trucks running safely and efficiently while transporting goods across long distances.

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