What Are the Tall Truck Bed Covers Called?

Tall truck bed covers are often referred to as tonneau covers, and they offer a variety of benefits to pickup truck owners. These covers come in various materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and hard composite.

They can provide extra protection for the cargo in the bed of the truck from the elements, help improve aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency, and keep items safe from theft. Additionally, many tonneau covers are stylish and can give your vehicle a customized look.

The most popular type of tonneau cover is a roll-up design. This type of cover rolls up into a canister that attaches to the bed rails of the truck or onto a special rack mounted on the roof of the truck.

Many models feature an easy-to-use latching system that allows you to open and close it quickly with one hand. Some models also include an automatic opening system that opens with a push button or key fob.

Another popular style is known as a folding tonneau cover. This type of cover folds up into three separate sections that can be stored when not in use. Folding tonneau covers are generally more expensive than roll-up models but provide more flexibility since you can open only one section at a time.

A soft tonneau cover is another option for those looking for protection from the elements without sacrificing cargo space or style. Soft covers are made from cloth or vinyl and attach directly to the bed rails using straps or Velcro fasteners. Soft covers are generally less expensive than their hard counterparts but offer less security against theft.


In conclusion, tall truck bed covers are commonly referred to as tonneau covers and they come in various materials such as vinyl, aluminum, hard composite and cloth/vinyl soft versions. Roll-up designs typically offer easy access while folding tonneau covers provide more flexibility when accessing the cargo area. Soft tonneau covers provide protection from weather while still offering some level of security against theft at an affordable price point.

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