What Are Truck Bed Bars Used For?

Truck bed bars are an essential part of the truck bed system. They provide the necessary support for a variety of tasks, such as hauling cargo, providing a platform for camping gear and other items, and even offering additional protection from the elements. Truck bed bars come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so it’s important to understand what each type is used for.

Utility Bed Bars

Utility bed bars are designed to secure cargo in the truck bed while in transit. These bars typically come with adjustable tie-down points which can be used to secure various types of cargo, including boxes, bags, furniture, and more. A good set of utility bed bars will be able to accommodate different sized items with ease.

Heavy Duty Bed Bars

Heavy duty bed bars are designed for use in situations where extra strength is needed. These types of bars are typically made from heavy steel or aluminum and can hold up to 500 lbs or more. They are great for securing large items such as kayaks, canoes, ATVs, motorcycles, and other equipment that needs extra support.

Tubular Bed Bars

Tubular bed bars provide a light-weight alternative to heavier duty bed bars. They are typically made from aluminum or steel tubing and come in various shapes and sizes. Tubular bed bars offer a great combination of strength and flexibility while maintaining a slim profile.

Rack System Bed Bars

Rack system beds offer an even more versatile solution for securing large items such as bikes or kayaks. This type of bar consists of two side rails that mount to the truck bed sides with adjustable clamps or brackets. The rails then have multiple slots along their length which can be used to attach different racks or accessories.


Truck Bed Bars have many uses – from hauling cargo safely to providing an elevated platform for camping gear or other items. There are several types available depending on the specific needs – ranging from lightweight tubular models to heavy duty steel options – giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the right bar for your truck.

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