What Are Truck Bed Cleats?

Truck bed cleats are a useful tool for anyone who owns a truck, allowing you to secure cargo in the bed of your truck without the need for additional straps or ropes. These cleats are designed to be mounted in the corners of your truck’s bed and provide a secure anchor point for tying down loads.

The most common type of cleats are those made from stainless steel, as they offer superior strength and durability. Stainless steel cleats can be secured with either bolts or screws, depending on the application.

Cleats made from other materials such as aluminum or plastic may also be available, but these are often not as strong as their stainless steel counterparts and may not be suitable for heavier loads.

When installing cleats in your truck’s bed, it is important to use the appropriate mounting hardware for the job. This will ensure that your cleats are securely attached to your truck’s frame and won’t come loose when under load. It is also important to make sure that the mounting holes line up with those in your truck’s frame before attaching the cleats.

Once installed, you can use your cleats to tie down objects such as furniture or equipment in your truck’s bed. By using rope or straps secured around both sides of an object and then looping them over each cleat, you can create an extremely secure hold that will keep items safe during transport.


Truck bed cleats provide a secure anchor point for tying down objects in the bed of your truck without needing additional straps or ropes. They are usually made from stainless steel and require appropriate mounting hardware for installation. Once installed, they make it easy to tie down objects in order to safely transport them from one location to another.

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