What Can You Put Between Tool Box and Truck Bed?

A tool box is a must-have for any tradesperson or DIY enthusiast. It provides a secure and organized space to store tools, making it easy to access the equipment when needed. But, what exactly can you put between a tool box and truck bed?

The answer is a range of items that can provide additional protection for the contents of the tool box and the truck bed itself. One option is to use thick rubber mats or carpeting, which will help protect both the tools and the bed from scratches, dents, dirt, and moisture. This not only looks better but also helps reduce noise when transporting tools.

Another option is to use a liner that fits between the tool box and truck bed. These liners come in various materials such as rubber, plastic, or foam.

They provide additional cushioning between the two surfaces while also keeping dirt and moisture away from them. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re looking for added protection for your tools or truck bed, you might also want to consider an under-rail seal kit. This kit includes weather stripping that is placed around the edges of your tool box or truck bed in order to create an airtight seal between them. This prevents dust, dirt, moisture, pests, and other debris from entering the space.

Finally, if you want extra security for your tools while in transit or parked overnight in public areas such as parking lots or garages then consider purchasing a locking tailgate lock system. These systems feature heavy-duty locks that can be attached to both your tool box and truck bed in order to keep them securely closed at all times.


No matter what you decide on as far as protection goes between your tool box and truck bed there are plenty of options available to choose from including rubber mats or carpeting, liners made from rubber plastic or foam , under rail seal kits ,and locking tailgate lock systems . All of these protective measures will help keep your cargo safe during transport and your tools secure when parked overnight in public areas .

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