What Causes a Semi Truck to Shake?

Semi trucks are a common sight on roads and highways. They can be seen hauling cargo from one place to another.

However, sometimes these trucks can start to shake for no apparent reason. This can be a sign of something wrong with the truck, and it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

The most common cause of semi truck shaking is worn-out suspension components. These components, including shock absorbers and springs, help keep the truck steady while driving.

As they wear out over time, they can start to fail and cause the truck to shake. This shaking may be more noticeable when driving at higher speeds or over bumpy roads.

Another possible cause of semi truck shaking is worn-out tires. Tires that are too worn or have poor tread depth can lead to an unstable ride. Worn tires also reduce traction which can lead to the feeling of instability while driving.

Finally, engine problems may also be a factor in semi truck shaking. If the engine is running rough or not developing enough power, it may cause the entire vehicle to vibrate as you drive down the road.


Shaking in semi trucks is usually caused by worn suspension components, tires with poor tread depth or engine problems. It’s important to identify what’s causing the shaking and address it as soon as possible in order to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

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