What Colour Is a Tow Truck?

Tow trucks come in a variety of colours, with the most common being yellow and white. While there is no universal colour for tow trucks, certain colours are more commonly associated with this type of vehicle.

Yellow Tow Trucks

Yellow is the most common colour for tow trucks. It’s a bright, visible colour that stands out from other vehicles on the road.

This makes it easier for people to spot a tow truck when they need one. Yellow also stands out in parking lots and cities, making it easier for drivers to locate a tow truck when their vehicle has broken down.

White Tow Trucks

White is another popular colour for tow trucks. This colour offers a clean, professional look that’s associated with safety and reliability.

White reflects light, making it easier to spot a tow truck in low-light situations or at night. White also looks good when paired with other colours like red or blue.

Other Colours

Tow trucks can be found in many other colours as well. Red, blue, green and black are all popular choices for tow trucks. These colours offer a more unique look than yellow or white and can help to differentiate one company from another.


What colour is a tow truck? The answer is that there is no single universal colour for tow trucks – they can come in yellow, white or any other number of colours depending on the company or individual who owns them. However, yellow and white are the most common colours associated with this type of vehicle.

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