What Do AAA Tow Truck Drivers Make?

AAA tow truck drivers make a decent wage, but it’s not always easy work. It requires long hours, physical labor, and dealing with difficult people. But for those who are willing to take on the challenge, the potential rewards can be great.

Tow truck drivers typically work for towing companies or auto clubs like AAA. They are responsible for responding to calls from stranded motorists and then arriving at the scene to tow their vehicle to a repair shop or other location. This requires a great deal of technical knowledge and skill in order to safely drive the vehicle and safely attach it to the tow truck.

AAA tow truck drivers must also be knowledgeable in vehicle repairs and safety procedures. They may need to check tires, batteries, brakes, lights, and other components of a disabled car before they can safely tow it away. In addition, they must know how to navigate traffic laws when driving on roads and highways.

Most tow truck drivers are paid an hourly rate that varies depending on experience and location. The average hourly pay is around $13-$15 per hour. Some companies may also offer bonuses or other incentives based on performance.

In addition to the hourly rate, some AAA tow truck drivers may receive tips from customers for providing good service. This can increase their earnings significantly if they provide excellent service.

AAA tow truck drivers make a decent wage but it is hard work that requires lots of physical labor and knowledge of vehicles and traffic laws. The average hourly rate is around $13-$15 per hour but some companies may offer bonuses or incentives based on performance. Tips from customers can also increase earnings significantly if they provide excellent service.

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