What Do They Call a Tow Truck in the UK?

A tow truck is an essential part of the UK’s infrastructure, used by both businesses and individuals to move vehicles from one place to another. There are several different types of tow trucks available in the UK, but the most common type is the flatbed truck. These are large, heavy-duty vehicles that usually have a flat bed at the back for carrying vehicles.

Flatbed tow trucks can be used for a variety of jobs, from recovering broken-down vehicles to moving cars around businesses or even transporting large items such as boats or machinery. The flatbed truck is also one of the most versatile and widely used tow vehicles in the UK.

Another type of tow truck found in the UK is the wheel-lift truck. These are similar to flatbed trucks but have a hydraulic arm which can lift one side of a vehicle off the ground in order to move it.

This type of vehicle is particularly useful for recovering broken-down cars, as it allows them to be moved without having to drag them along on a flatbed. Wheel-lift trucks are also ideal for moving heavier items such as boats or machinery, as they can lift them up and onto their beds more easily than a flatbed truck.

Finally, there are also traditional car carriers which use a very long trailer with two sets of wheels at either end. These trailers can be attached to either a single or multiple tow vehicles and are perfect for transporting multiple cars over long distances. Car carriers are usually only used by professional car dealerships or companies that need to transport large numbers of vehicles at once.

So what do they call a tow truck in the UK? The answer is simple – they call it a ‘tow truck’!

This term applies to all types of tow vehicle, whether it’s a flatbed, wheel-lift or car carrier – they’re all just ‘tow trucks’! Conclusion: In conclusion, when referring to any kind of tow vehicle in the United Kingdom, you should always use the term ‘tow truck’ – this includes both flatbeds, wheel-lifts and car carriers!

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