What Do Truck Bed Stiffeners Do?

Truck bed stiffeners are an important component of a truck. They help maintain the structural integrity of the bed and protect it from damage caused by heavy loads, vibration, and other factors.

Truck bed stiffeners are typically made of steel or aluminum, depending on the make and model of the truck. Steel is more durable and offers better protection against corrosion but is heavier than aluminum.

Aluminum is lighter and less expensive but can be prone to rusting if not properly maintained.

The main purpose of a truck bed stiffener is to provide support for the cargo area of the truck. This helps prevent bending or twisting of the frame due to the weight of heavy items in the bed, as well as providing additional support if an accident occurs. Truck bed stiffeners also help to minimize vibrations that could potentially cause damage over time.

In addition to providing support for cargo, truck bed stiffeners can also improve fuel efficiency by reducing air drag on the top surface of the cargo area. This reduces turbulence from wind resistance and allows air to flow more freely around the body of the truck, improving its aerodynamics.


Truck bed stiffeners are relatively easy to install but it’s important that they are fitted correctly in order to get maximum benefit. The installation process will vary depending on which type of stiffener you choose, but typically involves bolting them onto existing holes in the frame or welding them into place.

The installation process will also depend on whether you choose an aftermarket or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part. Aftermarket parts may come with instructions for installation while OEM parts may require professional installation.


In conclusion, truck bed stiffeners are an essential component for any truck owner looking to maximize their vehicle’s performance and safety. They provide additional support for cargo, improve fuel efficiency by reducing air drag, and help protect against damage caused by heavy loads and vibrations over time. Proper installation is essential for getting maximum benefit from your truck bed stiffener so it’s important to follow manufacturer instructions when fitting one.

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