What Do You Call a Tow Truck?

A tow truck is an essential vehicle for many automotive-related businesses. A tow truck is designed to safely transport a damaged or disabled vehicle from one location to another.

The purpose of a tow truck is to quickly and safely transport a disabled vehicle to a repair facility or another location.

Tow trucks come in many different shapes and sizes, and the kind of tow truck you use will depend on the type of job that needs to be done. Some are small enough to be towed behind a car, while others are large enough to support several cars at once.

Tow trucks can also be equipped with various attachments such as winches, dollies, and flatbeds.

The most common type of tow truck used today is a flatbed tow truck. Flatbeds can support heavier loads than other types of tow trucks, making them ideal for transporting multiple vehicles or large pieces of machinery. They also have adjustable beds that can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the load being transported.

Another popular type of tow truck is the wheel lift or underlift tow truck which is designed to lift the front or rear wheels off the ground in order to move it more easily. This type of tow truck can also be used for heavier loads as it has greater lifting capacity than other types of trucks.

What Do You Call a Tow Truck?

The answer is that you call it a Tow Truck! This versatile vehicle can be used for many different types of jobs, from transporting multiple vehicles at once to simply picking up disabled vehicles and taking them somewhere else. Depending on your needs, there are several different types of tow trucks available that all serve their own purpose.


No matter what kind of job you’re doing, there’s likely a type of tow truck that’s right for you. From flatbeds to wheel lifts, these specialized vehicles are essential for any automotive business that needs to move heavy loads quickly and safely. So when you need help getting something from Point A to Point B, don’t forget – you call it a Tow Truck!

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