What Do You Call a Truck With a Camper?

A truck with a camper is an all-in-one vehicle that offers a wide range of potential uses for camping, weekend getaways, and even as everyday transportation. It combines the comfort of an RV with the utility of a truck, giving you the perfect blend of practicality and leisure.

A truck with a camper, or camper shell, is typically built around a flatbed or pickup truck frame. The camper shell adds living space to the vehicle while still providing access to the cargo area underneath.

Depending on the size and configuration, it can include features such as sleeping quarters, kitchenettes, bathrooms, and storage compartments. This makes it ideal for camping trips since it can provide all the amenities of a traditional RV without taking up as much space or requiring specialized towing equipment.

The versatility of a truck with a camper makes it suitable for many different applications beyond just camping trips. It can be used for hauling cargo and supplies during work projects or extended road trips through remote areas. The living space within the camper allows you to rest and relax in comfort between destinations without having to set up camp each time you arrive at your destination.

Another great advantage of having a truck with a camper shell is its relative affordability compared to an RV or motorhome. While some luxury models may cost several thousands of dollars more than your average pickup truck, there are plenty of affordable models on the market that will fit most budgets.

So what do you call a truck with a camper? You could call it an “all-in-one vehicle” since it offers both utility and leisure in one convenient package. No matter what type of outdoor adventures you have planned, this type of vehicle has something to offer everyone who loves getting out into nature while still having all the comforts of home right at their fingertips!


A truck with a camper is an excellent choice for those who need both utility and leisure in one package. It offers versatility for many different applications such as camping trips, hauling cargo, and even everyday transportation needs. With its relatively affordable cost compared to other recreational vehicles, this type of vehicle is perfect for anyone who loves getting out into nature but still wants all the comforts of home nearby!

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