What Do You Call the Cover on the Back of a Pickup Truck?

The cover on the back of a pickup truck is often referred to as a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers provide many benefits for the user. They are designed to protect cargo from the elements, keep items secure and also provide an attractive look to the truck.

Tonneau covers can come in various styles such as soft roll-up, hard roll-up and retractable designs. The soft roll up style is similar to an oversized tarp that rolls up over the bed of the pickup truck.

This type of cover is typically made of durable vinyl or fabric that is resistant to fading and water damage. The soft roll up tonneau cover is easy to use and provides excellent protection for cargo.

The hard roll up style is made out of solid panels, usually aluminum or fiberglass, that attach together with clamps or snaps. This type of tonneau cover provides more security than a soft roll up style but can be more difficult to install and remove. The hard roll up design also comes in various colors and finishes so you can customize it to match your truck.

Retractable tonneau covers are usually made out of aluminum or fiberglass panels that slide into a rail system located on top of the bed in your pickup truck. This type allows you to easily access your cargo without having to remove or open the entire tonneau cover. Retractable covers also provide superior protection from theft since they lock into place when closed.


In conclusion, the cover on the back of a pickup truck is called a tonneau cover and comes in different styles such as soft roll-up, hard roll-up, and retractable designs depending on what needs you may have. Tonneau covers are designed to protect cargo from the elements while providing an attractive look to your vehicle.

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