What Does a Fleetside Truck Bed Look Like?

A fleetside truck bed is a bed style most commonly seen on larger pickup trucks. It is the traditional box-shaped design that has been used since the first pickup trucks were created. The fleetside design is very popular due to its versatility, as it can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit different types of cargo.

A fleetside truck bed’s defining feature is its curved sides. The sides of a fleetside truck bed are arched outward, providing more interior space than a standard flat-bed would offer. The raised sides also help to keep cargo secure during transit, making them ideal for hauling heavier items such as furniture or large pieces of equipment.

The exterior of a fleetside truck bed is usually made from steel or aluminum, though other materials are sometimes used. The steel or aluminum provides superior strength and durability for heavy duty use, while still being lightweight enough for easy maneuverability. Most fleetside beds come with either smooth or textured finishes to provide an attractive look and added protection from the elements.

The interior of a fleetside truck bed can vary based on the manufacturer and model. Generally speaking, they are equipped with tie-down hooks and rails that can be used to secure cargo during transport. Some models may also include storage compartments such as toolboxes or drawers for added convenience.


A fleetside truck bed is a classic design that is both versatile and strong. It has curved sides to provide more interior space than traditional flat-beds, as well as exterior finishes made from steel or aluminum for superior durability.

Inside the bed is equipped with tie-down hooks and rails to ensure cargo stays secure during transport, as well as storage compartments for added convenience. With its timeless design, a fleetside truck bed can meet just about any need you may have when hauling cargo.

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