What Does a Truck Camper Cost?

The cost of a truck camper varies greatly depending on the type and size, as well as features and add-ons. Generally, the cost of a truck camper is between $5,000 and $50,000+. Smaller, basic pop-up models usually start at around $5,000 while larger slide-in units can range upward of $50,000.

Features – Features and add-ons can greatly affect the cost of a truck camper. For instance, a basic model may include a kitchen area with sink and refrigerator/freezer, dinette seating area, sleeping quarters and possibly additional storage areas. More luxurious models may have all of these features plus upgraded amenities such as air conditioning or heating systems, entertainment systems with flat-screen TVs and DVD players, upgraded appliances such as microwaves or electric cooktops/ovens and other luxury items.

Size – The size of the truck camper will also play an important role in its cost. Smaller units are generally less expensive than larger ones due to their simpler construction and design. For example, a basic 8-foot model may only cost around $5,000 while a 10-foot unit could be up to twice that amount depending on features and amenities added.

Brands – The brand name will also affect the price of the truck camper. Generally speaking more expensive brands tend to offer higher quality construction materials and amenities than less expensive brands. Additionally some brands offer special packages or deals that can reduce the overall price tag significantly when compared to buying individual components separately.

Conclusion: Ultimately what does a truck camper cost? It depends on several factors such as size, features included in the model you choose along with brand name recognition when making your purchase decision. A good rule of thumb is to budget between $5k – $50k+ for your new truck camper purchase depending on what type you are looking for and what features you require in order to meet your needs.

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