What Engine Is in a U-Haul Pickup Truck?

U-Haul pickup trucks come in a variety of sizes and engine types, giving customers plenty of power for the task at hand. Depending on the size of the truck and its purpose, U-Haul offers a range of engines from basic 4-cylinder power plants to full-sized V8s. Whether you need a truck for everyday hauling and towing or something more powerful for larger projects, U-Haul has you covered.

4-Cylinder Engines

For light duty tasks such as moving small items or hauling a trailer, U-Haul offers 4-cylinder engines in their smaller pickup trucks. These engines offer enough power to get the job done while keeping fuel economy in mind. Most 4-cylinder engines are gasoline powered but some U-Haul pickups can be found with diesel engines as well.

V6 Engines

U-Haul also offers pickup trucks with V6 engines. These are larger displacement engines that provide additional power when needed. Most often seen in midsize pickups, these V6s offer more torque and horsepower than their 4-cylinder counterparts while still maintaining fuel efficiency.

V8 Engines

For those needing maximum power from their pickup truck, U-Haul provides full sized V8s. These engines provide plenty of torque for hauling and towing heavy loads, making them perfect for those needing extra muscle for their job.

No matter what engine you need, U-Haul has you covered with their various pickup truck offerings.

From basic 4 cylinder models to full sized V8s, they have the right engine to get any job done quickly and efficiently.


U-Haul pickup trucks come with a range of engine types depending on the size of the truck and its intended use. Customers can choose from 4 cylinder gas or diesel models all the way up to full sized V8s depending on what type of power they need.

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