What Happened to Blue Thunder Monster Truck?

Blue Thunder Monster Truck was a favorite amongst racing fans. It was a huge, bright blue truck with a powerful engine and an impressive suspension system. The truck was created by drivers Jimmy Creten and Bobby Zee in 1982 and quickly gained a large following of fans.

Blue Thunder Monster Truck had huge tires, an intimidating look, and a powerful engine that allowed it to roar through mud pits, jump over cars, and crush anything that stood in its way. The truck gained notoriety after competing in several high-profile races, including the World Finals in Las Vegas in 1984.

Blue Thunder Monster Truck also had its own television series that aired on ESPN from 1984 to 1985. The show featured interviews with the drivers, behind-the-scenes footage of the races, and plenty of exciting stunts performed by the truck itself. The show was immensely popular with viewers of all ages and helped to further increase Blue Thunder’s fame.

In 1986, Jimmy Creten sold Blue Thunder Monster Truck to Larry Swim. Under new ownership, the truck continued to race but never achieved the same level of success it had under Creten’s stewardship.

Over time, the popularity of monster trucks began to decline as other forms of motor sports became more popular. As a result, Blue Thunder Monster Truck eventually retired from racing altogether in 2004 due to lack of interest from fans.

What Happened To Blue Thunder Monster Truck?

Blue Thunder Monster Truck enjoyed a successful run as one of the most popular monster trucks around for several years before eventually retiring from racing altogether due to declining interest from fans. Despite this retirement, Blue Thunder still lives on as an iconic symbol of motor sports history and will always be remembered fondly by its many fans around the world.

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