What Happened to Captain’s Curse Monster Truck?

Captain’s Curse Monster Truck is a popular monster truck that was created in 2006 by driver and builder Tom Meents. The truck is based on the classic pirate ship theme, and it quickly became one of the most iconic trucks in the sport.

The truck was designed to be a powerful and agile machine, capable of performing stunts and tricks that had never been seen before. The truck soon gained notoriety for its high-flying jumps and its signature “pirate ship” body style. The truck even made an appearance in the 2007 movie “Transformers”, where it was featured alongside Optimus Prime.

Captain’s Curse Monster Truck has achieved numerous victories throughout its career, winning several Monster Jam World Finals events and claiming multiple Track Championships. It has also been featured in numerous television shows, commercials, and music videos.

Unfortunately, in 2016 Tom Meents announced he would be retiring from competitive driving, bringing an end to Captain’s Curse Monster Truck’s competitive career. However, despite no longer competing in Monster Jam events, Captain’s Curse still remains an iconic figure in the sport of monster truck racing.


What happened to Captain’s Curse Monster Truck? After years of success on the track, Tom Meents retired from competitive driving in 2016 which ended Captains Curse’s competitive career. Despite this however, the iconic pirate ship-themed monster truck still remains a beloved figure within the sport of monster truck racing today.

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