What Happened to the Blue Thunder Monster Truck?

Blue Thunder was an iconic monster truck that first debuted in the late 1980s. It was a huge, intimidating machine that could crush almost anything in its path. The truck quickly gained popularity and began appearing at various events, including car shows and monster truck rallies.

The original Blue Thunder monster truck was built by the team of brothers, Gary and Larry Porter. The two had a passion for creating large-scale vehicles, so they decided to build their own monster truck from scratch. They started with a custom-built chassis and then added some of the most powerful engines ever installed in a vehicle.

The result was an impressive machine that could reach speeds over 100 miles per hour and had enough power to jump nearly 20 feet in the air. It also featured a unique blue-and-yellow paint scheme that made it stand out from other monster trucks of the era.

Blue Thunder quickly became one of the most popular monster trucks on the circuit, competing at numerous events throughout the United States and Canada. However, after more than 10 years of competition, Blue Thunder was retired from racing in 2001.

Since then, there have been several attempts to revive Blue Thunder with new owners and drivers taking up the mantle but none have been able to match the original’s success. The last time Blue Thunder appeared at a major event was at Monster Jam World Finals XVII in 2008 where it failed to make it past the first round of competition.


What happened to Blue Thunder? After more than 10 years of successful racing and numerous appearances at major events around North America, Blue Thunder was unfortunately retired from competition in 2001 due to changing technology and trends within the sport. Despite several attempts to revive it since then, none have been able to match its original success.

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