What Happened to the Carolina Crusher Monster Truck?

The Carolina Crusher Monster Truck was created by Gary Porter, a North Carolina-based driver and builder of monster trucks. The truck was built to compete in the National Hot Rod Association’s (NHRA) Monster Jam series and other major monster truck events. It made its debut in 1997 and quickly became one of the most popular and successful trucks on the circuit.

The Carolina Crusher featured a classic monster truck body style with a red, white and blue paint scheme that was designed to pay homage to Gary Porter’s home state of North Carolina. The truck was powered by a 572 cubic-inch Chevrolet V8 engine that produced an incredible 2,000 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful vehicles in Monster Jam history. It also featured an impressive suspension system that allowed it to pull off huge jumps and wheelies with ease.

The Carolina Crusher won numerous Monster Jam events over the years, including several world championships in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004. This success earned it a spot as one of the most popular trucks on the circuit and made Gary Porter one of the most recognizable drivers in the sport.

Sadly, despite its success, the Carolina Crusher was retired from competition in 2006 due to changing regulations within Monster Jam that favored smaller four-wheel-drive trucks over traditional two-wheel drive monsters like the Carolina Crusher. In addition to this change, Gary Porter retired from driving in 2009 due to health issues, effectively ending the life of what had been one of Monster Jam’s most iconic trucks.


What happened to the Carolina Crusher monster truck? The iconic vehicle was retired from competition in 2006 due to changes within Monster Jam that favored smaller four wheel drive trucks as well as Gary Porter retiring from driving due to health issues in 2009 which effectively ended its run as one of Monster Jam’s most beloved vehicles.

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