What Happened to the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper?

The Cirrus 670 Truck Camper was first introduced in the late 1990s as an innovative and lightweight truck camper designed to fit on a full-size pickup truck. It was designed to offer luxury camping without sacrificing maneuverability, comfort, or convenience.

It featured a spacious interior with a queen-sized bed and full kitchen, as well as all the necessary amenities for comfortable living. Unfortunately, production of the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper ceased shortly after its release, leaving many camper enthusiasts wondering what happened.

The most likely explanation for the disappearance of the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper is that it simply didn’t have enough market demand to remain viable. Despite its innovative design and features, it did not have enough appeal to capture a significant portion of the truck camper market. Additionally, its high price tag may have been too much for some potential buyers.

Another factor that may have contributed to the demise of the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper is that it was unable to keep up with advances in technology. As other truck campers began incorporating newer features like slide-outs and more efficient heating systems, the Cirrus 670 was unable to compete.

Finally, it is possible that production of the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper simply became too costly for its manufacturer. With such low demand and no major innovations in sight, it may have become too expensive to continue producing them.


In conclusion, it appears that a combination of factors led to the demise of the Cirrus 670 Truck Camper. Low market demand coupled with advances in technology and increasing production costs ultimately made this vehicle unsustainable.

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