What Happened to the Driver of Gunslinger Monster Truck?

Gunslinger Monster Truck was the first monster truck to be inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame in 2017. It was created by Bob Chandler and debuted at a race in St. Louis, Missouri in 1979. The truck has been featured on television shows, movies, and video games.

The truck was driven by Bob Chandler himself for many years, but his son Scott took over as driver in 2006. Scott had been driving the truck since he was a teenager and continued to do so until his retirement from racing in 2011.

Since then, Gunslinger Monster Truck has been driven by various drivers including Stu Blackwell, Jimmy Creten, and Chad Fortune. It is currently being driven by Jared Eichelberger, who is the longest running driver of the truck since Bob Chandler’s retirement in 2011.

Gunslinger Monster Truck has also been raced internationally with much success. In 2018 it won both the Netherlands Monster Jam World Finals and the United Kingdom Monster Jam World Finals. It continues to compete with great success today under Jared Eichelberger’s leadership.

Gunslinger Monster Truck is one of the most successful monster trucks in history and its legacy is sure to live on for many years to come. Bob Chandler will always be remembered as its creator and original driver, while Scott Chandler’s contribution as its second driver will also be remembered fondly by fans of monster trucks everywhere.

Conclusion: What happened to the Driver of Gunslinger Monster Truck? After Bob Chandler retired from driving in 2006 his son Scott took over until he retired from racing in 2011. Since then several other drivers have taken charge including Stu Blackwell, Jimmy Creten, Chad Fortune, and currently Jared Eichelberger who has been driving since 2011 – making him the longest-running driver of Gunslinger Monster Truck since Bob Chandler’s retirement.

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